The main MoS Team Rating Systems are MoSSBODS and MoSHBODS, two Elo-based systems that differentially reward Scoring Shot production and Conversion, adjusting for the quality of the opposition faced, to rate every team after every game.

The charts below show the highest- and lowest-rated teams of both Systems at the end of every home-and-away round and every season, as well as the premiers, runners up and wooden spooners in each year.

Note that:

  • The guernseys used here are from

  • The Lions' guernsey is used to represent the Brisbane Lions, Brisbane Bears, and Fitzroy. I'll change this if I'm able to source separate guernsey PNGs or JPGs for each team.

  • I'll also use more era-appropriate guernseys if I can find a source for these. Any help would be appreciated.

Firstly, MoSSBODS and its top-ranked teams.

Next, MoSSBODS' bottom-ranked teams.

Now MoSHBODS' tops ...

... and MoSHBODS' bottoms.