Player Charts

This page contains charts based on player data extracted from the website. 


Topic: These chart show

  • the number of V/AFL players born on every day of the year between 1 January 1864 and 12 December 1998, which spans the entire range of birthdays of the 12,516 players whose birthdate we know and who debuted prior to April of 2017.
  • the number of V/AFL players born in each year

Points of Interest: 

  • Early calendar years are better represented than later ones. The three most well-represented years are 1909 (137 players), 1914 (135 players), and 1908 (132).
  • The 1970 to 1979 period was particularly lean, with fewer than 75 players being born in 1975 (68), 1979 (71), and 1971 (74).