This is where you'll find data and other items that you can download. If I've put it here you are, of course, welcome to use it, but attribution, where appropriate, would be appreciated.

Shared Experience

All teams

Individual teams

The following are PDFs that contain network diagrams that show players who have been team mates 100 times of more for a particular club.

Note that (i) No such pairings exist for University, (ii) we treat Footscray and Western Bulldogs as one team, South Melbourne and Sydney as one team, and North Melbourne and the Kangaroos as one team, and (iii) we treat Fitzroy, Brisbane Bears, and Brisbane Lions as different teams.

All data is sourced from the R package fitzRoy, and all images were created using Gephi 0.9.2. Edges in the networks are coloured based on the output of the Modularity measure.


The following PDF contains charts that show, for each team, the trajectory of game and team-mate counts across all current players' careers to the end of the 2018 Home and Away season. Players appear in the chart for the team they have most recently played for and the tallies of games and team-mates are both career aggregates (ie they include games played for and team-mates played with at other than the current team).

All data is again sourced from the R package fitzRoy.

PDF of game and team-mate counts for all 2018 players

The next PDF contains information about groups of X players that have played together most often as team-mates, and covers the period from 1897 to Round 8 of 2019.

PDF of record number of times that players have been team-mates - team-by-team and all-time