Cursory Mention of MAFL in New Scientist (Probably)

At the start of the year, Michael Schmidt, creator of the Eureqa application, mentioned that Justin Mullins from New Scientist was researching for a piece on Eureqa. I dropped an e-mail to Justin, received a polite reply and thought little more of it.

Turns out the final article included this paragraph:

"Today, the algorithm is called Eureqa and has thousands of users all over the world, with people using it for everything from financial forecasting to particle physics. One person even uses it to analyse the statistics of Australian rules football games."

(Various people have cut-and-pasted the full article, for example Transcurve and Kurzweilai, and you can access the original content directly via the New Scientist site if you're willing to create a free subscription.)

I can't be completely certain, but it's more likely than not that the last sentence refers to MAFL.

It'd be nice if the reference was a tad more direct - say with a name or a URL - but then again it'd be preferable if any wider awareness of MAFL's existence came at a time when the Funds were making rather than losing money. So, swings and roundabouts ...